How to become a member of SGBTC

Application Process:

After prospective members have attended the required two general meetings, they may be given an application for membership accompanied by the Bylaws and Policies of the club. The applicant's check will be attached to the membership application but no action will be taken to process the check until the applicant has been voted in. The check may be held for 6 months. If the applicant is not voted in that period of time, both the check and the application will be returned with the notation that the applicant may reapply.

Prospective members will secure two sponsors from among the active members who will agree to act as character witnesses and mentors for the applicant(s). At the time of the second reading of the application, one or both of the sponsors will discuss the applicant's credentials for admission before the vote is taken. Said sponsor will be sufficiently acquainted with the applicant to assess and verify their background in dog related activities. The sponsor will continue to assume the role of mentor for the applicant after election into the club and will encourage active participation in Club events and activities.

Notice of Application: The application will be read at the first meeting the applicant and sponsor(s) attend, following its receipt. Upon approval, applications will be filed and maintained by the Recording Secretary. The newsletter will publish name of the applicant(s), address, phone number, email address, activities of interest, and name(s) of sponsor(s).

New Member Notification: Members voted into the Club will be notified promptly by letter sent by the Recording Secretary and provided with a New Member Welcome Packet.