About The Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club.....

Founded in 1995, The Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club was formed by an enthusiastic group of breeder/exhibitors. Charter members organized the club with the betterment of the breed and fostering sportsmanship through the competitive efforts of pure bred dogs, specifically the Boston Terrier.

The SGBTC hosted its first specialty show in 2002 in conjunction with the Donner Trail Kennel Club in Roseville, CA and currently conducts a yearly Boston Terrier Specialty. Please check the EVENTS page for more information on the Annual Specialty Show.

Members of the SGBTC have worked on a range of issues from Rescue to Health concerns. With a dedication to the betterment of the Breed and those who love them, the SGBTC is open to anyone interested in the Boston Terrier.

SGBTC President: Sandi Ayer
Vice President: Lynda Bradley
Recording Secretary: Sandy Ayer
Treasurer: Sheryl Sindt
Board of Directors:

Valeri Boe, Mary Murtey, & Pamela Preston

Corresponding Secretary:

Dolores Ferrero
604 Guaymas Court, San Ramon, CA  94583


The Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of quality in the breeding of pure-bred Boston Terriers. To uphold a commitment to the breed standard as approved by the Boston Terrier Club of America and the American Kennel Club and to encourage excellence and sportsmanlike competition in the world of pure-bred dogs. To build a community that can be informative, educational, and provide support for breeders, exhibitors, pet owners and the future of the Boston Terrier breed

The Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club achieved affiliate status with the Boston Terrier Club of America on September 23, 2002.